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How Our Service Works:

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Modern science has evidence that elevated frequency fields have strong effect on the material world. We use the term “Universal Light” to represent the high frequency fields we use in our pest relocation services. Universal Light resonates with all of life, and has a nurturing quality that is very attractive. Humans, plants, animals — even pests — are drawn to the light’s nourishing properties.

When Universal Light is directed to an area, pests move to this area and make it their abode. The healing quality of Universal Light draws them in, and welcomes them to their new home.Their new home is pleasant, and they are quite content to remain there. The new home is a neutral area far away from human beings.


Simple and Convenient
You don’t have to be at home for the service since everything is done remotely. Our initial service is customized just for you to create a pest-free environment using Universal Light. This approach to pest control is compassionate, non-toxic, and non-invasive. Without harm, your pests are relocated to a more suitable neutral location for both you and your pests.

Pests Out Now Process is Safe, Simple and Effective

Our beloved planet is losing pollinators and insects at an alarming rate. A lot depends on these insects including our food supply to name just one.

Pests Out Now process is a safe, simple and effective way to get great results for you, the pests and the environment.

This is a remote process and we customize the relocation of your particular pests or small critters to create a pest-free environment for you.

JUST IMAGINE! What a relief. No tenting...No harsh smells, traps or sounds.

We also offer a monthly maintenance program!

If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact us at 831.724.5107

Our Mission
Is to provide an efficient effective compassionate approach to pest control without using
harmful chemicals or other drastic measures to solve pest problems.

Our Commitment to You
Our commitment is to provide a unique service that is effective and compassionate. We relocate your pests with little effort and no pain to you. Each person who uses our service is a highly valued client. Our goal is for you to make your life more pleasant
because of our service.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Transparency. Openness. Honesty.
We will tell you what we can or can’t do, how and when we’ll do it, and for how much.

Clear Communications.
We will clearly communicate our services, our delivery process, cost of services,
payment and results.

We want to ensure your successful results, so we have implemented a follow-up
process. We appreciate feedback from you about your results, so we will send you a
brief and simple survey after the service is delivered.

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