About Us: Why We Started Pests Out Now


Patricia Smith, Founder of Pests Out Now

A New Form Of Pest Control

Quite by chance I discovered a method for removing ants and other pests and small critters without using any kind of poisons, sprays etc.

Several years ago I returned from work to find my entire kitchen blanketed with ants. They were everywhere. I was really shocked. I cleaned them out but they returned in full force the next day. What to do?

How We Got Started

I had been studying how to use special forms of light and energy to shift difficult situations. Why not try this with ants. So, I did. They disappeared and have never returned. Amazing! Family and friends consistently had similar experiences. What a joy! 

Offering this to the public seemed the next best step. Insects, pollinators and many other small life forms that invade homes, offices etc. cause great distress and are often eliminated with harsh chemicals and the like.  Our approach saves the ‘pests’ (far away in a neutral area) and brings peace to the human.

And that is how we got started!