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Patricia Smith, Founder of Pests Out Now

How Pests Out Now Got Started

For years I worked as a Registered Nurse, did graduate work in a research lab and later worked as a Hospital administrator. I was trained only in conventional western medicine, and was unaware of alternative healing modalities. One day I had a bad fall and significantly damaged my spine. This caused excruciating pain and disability. I had surgery and lost the use of one leg. I tried all kinds of treatments from many doctors for almost ten years with very little results.

Subsequently I met a healing master. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I learned healing meditations, movements and more, and I experienced amazing results. I became pain-free, and was able to walk with ease. I was jubilant! My health returned, and I started teaching others what I was learning. My sister soon joined me and we went on to study with a very special master.

One day a huge ant infestation blanketed my home. I had trained to help humans by using a special form of light. Almost at the same time my sister experienced similar blanketing of ants in her bathtub. We both realized that the amazing technique using universal light that worked well for human ailments may be able to relocate pests.

We both tried this new technique, and the ants were gone literally overnight, from both houses. My sister and I were super excited! We started offering this new approach to friends and family with pest issues. They also received similar great results. My sister said “Wow! This would make a wonderful business. People would not need to use toxic chemicals or poisons, how wonderful!” And Pests Out Now was born!

My sister and I work together every morning to relocate pests and small critters. I manage the daily business and my sister goes on to her full time job. We are very grateful to be able to offer this unique and valuable service that protects mother earth, preserve beneficial insect populations and benefits future generations!

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