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Friends and family with ants asked for help when I shared my story. We then realized we could help a variety of pests and small critters.
First ants and then spiders, silver fish, termites, mice, rats and even squirrels, disappeared… and stayed away.


This could be a wonderful way to spare the insects and small critters from painful demise and preserve them to carry out the real work they were created to do … pollinate, turn over and enrich soil etc.

At the same time soothe the anxiety for people with pest invasions and save them from using potentially harmful poisons, sprays etc.

What a joy!

I learned about Universal light years ago and how it is used for healing humans and animals. I studied with several wonderful healing masters and experienced unexplainable recovery from deeply disabling injuries and illnesses. I learned powerful practices to “Change the Field” to heal illness and injury with powerful forms of Universal light!

Wow! This could be the answer!

Change the Message, Change the Field!

Ask them to go somewhere else… a neutral area where they can safely continue their mission without pestering the neighbors.


This is not a secret and in fact is available to everyone.

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