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Leila Ross

Kristen Kristich-Madjar

Joan Luk

Judy Waters

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If you want to get rid of critters, in your home, but don’t know how. You can do it without poisons or calling Pests Out Now. When I removed a double bagged package of flour from my pantry and saw a trail of flour, gnawed other containers, ...and later, droppings in several rooms of my house, I knew I had a serious
mouse problem, and a dilemma.


For ‘tho I hold compassion for all beings, that does not extend to tolerance for sharing my home with critters that invade food, munch clothes, leave droppings or carry pestilence. Being chemically sensitive rules out use of many products. I happened to see an ad for Pests Out Now, and was excited to find out whether their compassionate methods could address the issue with my mice. Lo and behold! By the time I was able to clean up the considerable messes and receive the service, the mice were gone! That was a considerable time ago and I am happy to be mouse free.

Thank you Pests Out Now!
Maui, HI

Su-Chin Shu


Shortly after moving into a lovely, relaxing house I was astounded to wake up one morning to a huge army of ants…bedrooms, bathrooms, living room planters.
Everywhere! Yikes! What to do. 
I was planning to travel in a few days. I’d never be able to leave with a house full
of ants!


Then a friend at PON hopped in and offered to help! They offered to relocate the ants a neutral area. I was desperate but this really sounded interesting. To my amazement the Ants were gone overnight. And the great part is the ANTS have NEVER returned.
Thank you PON. I am super grateful.

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