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Many insects are critical to humanity’s survival and they are disappearing.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

National Geographic, 05.2020 has an outstanding article “You’ll Miss them When They’re Gone “ describing that “Insects are disappearing at alarming rates.That could be disastrous for the planet. “

Entomologists from Krefeld Germany collected flying insects for two weeks in August 1994, and at the same site with and identical trap in Augusts 2016. Similar data from 63 German protected areas overall gave a shocking result: a 76% drop in insect biomass between 1989 and 2016

Pests Out Now contributes to saving insects and small critters that support the survival of the critical biomass…and at the same time relieves the stress of human beings dealing with often overwhelming and disruptive infestations.

"You'll Miss Them When They're Gone." National Geographic,

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